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Below are some of the common questions asked about Strike-A-Light.

Q: When I try to install Strike-A-Light I get the message "Error Starting Program: A required .DLL file, MSVCRT.DLL was not found".  Why is this happening ?

A: You are probably running an early version of Windows 95 or you do not have the latest version of Internet Explorer.  Strike-A-Light is not supported under Windows 95.  If you are not running Windows 95, then it is recommended you download the latest version of Internet Explorer to upgrade your system.

Q: What is a .bno file ?

A: A .bno or BNO file is a Strike-A-Light save game file specific only to Strike-A-Light.  This is the default file extension of the games you save within Strike-A-Light.  A BNO file is sent as an attachment when you play-by-email.

Q: I downloaded the free trial version of Strike-A-Light to my desktop, but when I clicked it to open I get the message "Windows cannot open this program. Windows needs to know which program to use?".  What should I do ?

A: You may have inadvertently changed the file extension of the Strike-A-Light set-up program when you downloaded it.  The set-up software you downloaded should exist as 'StrikeSetup.exe' on your computer.  The '.exe' tells your computer that this program can be executed directly when you open it.  If the file you downloaded is not called 'StrikeSetup.exe' then try renaming it.  If you did NOT download Strike-A-Light directly from the NetPlay Software website, then it is recommend you scan the file for viruses before renaming.

Q: In the game statistics window the total number of games in the report view of a player exceeds the 'Total Games' for that player.  Is this an error?

A: No.  Games against all opponents are listed in the report - this also includes three and four player tournaments.  For example, a four player game will list the results against all three opponents.

Q: When I delete a player from the statistics database the 'Total Games' and 'Total Wins' of the remaining players is not altered.  Why is this so?

A: The totals are not altered in order to preserve the player Ratings.  This is by design.

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