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Welcome to Strike-A-Light!

Bounce your laser beam off your opponents lasers to potentially capture the whole board !

Strike-A-Light Challenge!

Get Strike wallpaper

Play on a standard 8x8 board or embark on massive campaigns on up to a 16x16 board!

Enjoy the strategy and intrigue of a three or four player game!

Discover new challenges and strategies by changing the game parameters!

Realise your full Strike-A-Light potential!


Are you looking for a new game that is fun, easy to learn and challenging?  Then you've come to the right place!

Strike-A-Light has rules so simple they almost seem trivial - but the strategy will take a lifetime to master.

You can play with one or multiple opponents (computer or human).  Play against each other or in teams!

Strike-A-Light also supports an easy to use play-by-email option.  Just enter the Email address of your opponent and then make the first move.  Strike-A-Light will automatically send an Email with your move attached.  Your opponent just opens the attachment to make their next move.

History of Strike-A-Light

Download Now!

Download the FREE Windows version and see how you will soon become enthralled by the strategy of Strike-A-Light.

Features include: 

  • Play against the computer.

  • Nine difficulty levels to match your skill.

  • Play against a friend (also includes an easy to use play-by-email option).

  • Full Undo / Redo of every move in the game.

  • Automatic and manual saving of games.

  • Game statistics on ALL players.

  • Comprehensive help and strategy guide.

  • Complete install and uninstall.

  • Fully skinnable to suit your mood.

The Rules in 30 seconds...

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